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Natural History Museum: World Of Wonder | Series 2 Preview (Channel 5)

Narrator Bill Nighy guides us behind the scenes as we meet the teams and scientists that work at one of the greatest museums in the world, the Natural History Museum, London.

We’ll be exploring the many corners of this iconic building that others never get to see - from the historic roof top to its majestic hall and arguably the most famous dinosaur collection in the world.

Space expert Ashley makes the greatest discovery of his career as he studies the Winchcombe Meteorite – the first meteorite to land and be recovered in the UK in 30 years – as he hopes to answer if meteorites hold the key to all life on Earth.

We’ll join top fly expert Erica as she heads to the beautiful Knepp Estate in Sussex in search of new insect species, and to discover if their re-wildling project is boosting the wildlife there. Meanwhile, back at the museum, young dinosaur researcher Cassius, scans a giant toothy jawbone belonging to a Gorgosaurus for the first time.

This dinosaur was a fearsome ‘cousin’ to a T Rex, but what was the secret of its success 80 million years ago? The museum’s team of experts help schoolgirl, Iris, identify a stone she found in her playground. Could it be an emerald?

And there’s the monthly giant sleepover, where 500 children and their parents and guardians can sleep with the dinosaurs, while the staff try to contain the excitement and the chaos, by creating a night to remember amongst the museum’s incredible collection.

Natural History Museum: World Of Wonder returns Wednesday 10th May at 8pm on Channel 5.


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