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Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders | Series 5 Preview (Channel 5)

Presented by Nicky Campbell, we join Northumbria Police as they patrol 6000 miles of roads in the North East of England, chasing criminals off the streets and locking up dangerous drivers.

Also helping in their battle with idiots behind the wheel is dashcam. Over 100,000 clips have been submitted to UK police forces, and the series features some of the most jaw dropping moments of bad driving captured on camera.

In this launch episode, Sergeant Dave Roberts chases down a wanted man on the roads of Newcastle. Dave and his team of officers play cat and mouse with the suspect’s car until they track him down to an address in South Shields. But when the cops bash the door in, will he give himself up?

An angry van driver gives PC Darren Lant a dressing down despite the fact he’s got no MOT or a full set of legal tyres. But Darren has the last word…

Serbian-born cop PC Jan Simlesa is a fully-fledged Geordie after nearly 30 years in the North East, but he still speaks his own blend of “Serbish”. On shift today, he is faced with a suspected drug driver who is happy to come quietly, but her vocal boyfriend has other ideas.

And on the coast road to Tynemouth, Jan catches up with a speeder with his foot down at over 120 mph. When the driver takes a drug test, his reaction is priceless.

Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders is back on Monday 1st April on Channel 5.


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