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Morse And The Last Endeavour | Preview (ITV1)

For over 40 years, Morse has been etched in our TV consciousness. Now, with the final series of Endeavour, as his presence on our screens is coming to an end.

This brand new documentary will tell the story of Endeavour Morse – the brilliant but troubled Oxford detective who becomes a sometimes morose, intellectual crime fighter, with a thirst for real ale and a love of opera and cryptic crosswords.

The film offer a vivid insight into what has made the stories and TV films such a success, taking the viewer on a journey to meet Morse and the other characters, the hugely talented actors and the crew who brought them to life – many of whom have forged strong bonds during the 10 years they have spent filming Endeavour.

Morse and the Last Endeavour will celebrate the whole Morse universe through the people who have inhabited it and its Oxford milieu for so long as they tell us what makes these TV films, their characters and Morse himself so special.

The documentary airs on Sunday 12th March on ITV1.


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