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Stand-up comedian and “high priest of comedy PowerPoint” (The Times) Dave Gorman returns to UKTV after a seven-year hiatus with four brand-new specials for the critically acclaimed and ratings hit, Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish (4x60’). 

Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish ran for five series on Dave, attracting 1.5 million viewers per episode at its peak and was one of UKTV’s longest running and successful original commissions.

Armed with a computer, clicker and checked shirt, Dave casts an eye over modern life in his own unique style combining stand-up, visual storytelling, and real-world experimentation. 

In these mischievous comedy performances, Dave turns his attention to the areas of everyday life we normally take for granted- scrutinising the absurdities and contradictions that continue to fascinate and infuriate him.

Dave Gorman said, “I'm delighted to be getting back in the Goodish saddle. It's been 7 years since I hung up my Modern Life Is Goodish clicker and in that time, life has definitely got 7 years moderner - so there should be plenty to get my teeth into.”


UKTV's Mark Iddon said, “I’m massively thrilled to announce the return of Modern Life Is Goodish to the U&Dave audience. Dave Gorman’s unique comedic insights and witty PowerPoint presentations have always resonated with our audience...

"His ability to dissect the quirks of modern life with humour and intelligence is unmatched. I can’t wait to dive back into the joyous and thought-provoking observations that make modern life not just good, but goodish. In a world where everything's 'meh', we could use a dose of 'ish'. It’s great to have you back, Dave!”


UKTV's Cherie Hall said, “Modern Life is Goodish is a true institution on the channel and it’s a pleasure to welcome Dave back to explore how the world has changed since the last series – and more importantly all the ways in which it’s still just as maddening and hilarious as ever.”

Jamie Issacs said, “After a well-earned break we are very excited this is happening again as we have really missed Dave’s uniquely brilliant and very funny take on the world. We can’t wait to start work on this with Dave and the team at UKTV.”


Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish will air on U&Dave and stream on U later this year.


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