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Mobility | Preview (BBC Three)

Comedy starring Jack Carroll. First day of 6th Form and Mike, Sonny and Dan are heading in on the mobility bus. Will they make it to school without strangling each other?

Jack Carroll says: “It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to write and act in a BBC comedy and I couldn’t be prouder of getting to do that with a project as good as Mobility, we had such great fun making it and I think that really comes across. I can’t wait for viewers to join Mike and the Gang for a journey on the mobility bus on the 26th May. Watch it and tell a friend, otherwise you’re probably ableist.”

Mobility is written by Jack Carroll and Tom Gregory, the director is Akaash Meeda, the executive producers are David Simpson and Sam Ward. Mobility is a Tiger Aspect (a Banijay UK company) & Testmouse co-production for BBC iPlayer and BBC Three. Commissioned for the BBC by Ben Caudell.

Mobility airs Tuesday 13th June at 10pm on BBC Three.


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