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Mega Mansion Hunters | Preview (Channel 4)

Welcome to the world of luxury estate agents Tyron Ash. They may be outsiders, but that hasn't stopped Tyron Ash selling over £300 million of property since Tyron started his own agency - only 18 months ago.

With no permanent offices, his savvy team use social media to sell some of the most sought-after homes across the UK. Tyron has his own unique style. In 2015, he was caught dealing cocaine and sent down for 40 months.

On release, rejected by the big high-street agencies, he borrowed £1k from his mum and set up his own business selling high-end homes. Now Tyron's the most followed luxury real estate agent on Instagram. Tyron's twenty-something team can make big money.

But if they don't sell, they don't earn, and competition is cut-throat, including door-knocking on mansions, schmoozing uber-wealthy clients, beating your fellow agent to the sale, and big bust-ups.

In the first episode, Sophie's feeling the pressure. Tyron warns her about her performance, as she battles with rival agent Alex to sell a £5 million family home in Surrey, decked out with a private cinema and pool; and an outrageous £7 million warehouse conversion in south London. Alex is sure Sophie's stitched him up.

Sophie thinks Alex has an attitude problem. Tyron shakes up the team with glamorous new starter Erin, who gets partnered with Chloe, the top-selling female agent at just 19. The reality of working for Tyron Ash starts to sink in as Erin goes cold-calling Surrey mansions in the rain.

Mega Mansion Hunters begins Wednesday 9th February at 10pm on Channel 4.


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