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Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton | Series 2 Preview (BBC Three)

Meet the Khans follows Bolton boxing sensation Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal, as the former world champion prepares for a grudge match against long-time rival Kell Brook.

The next chapter of the story explores their wider sphere and the audience will be introduced to more of the couple’s family and friends as Amir ponders what’s next for him in sport, Faryal celebrates a milestone birthday and launches a new enterprise.

The match between Amir and Kell Brook is finally signed, and Amir starts preparations for training camp in the US. Faryal becomes a fashionista, modelling an array of exclusive bridal dresses.

Amir and Faryal say: "We're excited about the new series - you'll have to wait and see what's next for us!"

Meet The Khans: Big In Boulton returns Thursday 28th April at 8pm on BBC Three,


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