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Matt Baker: Travels With Mum & Dad | Series 2 Preview (More4)

Matt Baker: Travels with Mum and Dad (4 x 60’) will take viewers on a breathtaking trip around the North East, where the Bakers are lucky enough to have some of the country’s most beautiful sites on their doorstep.

They’ll be reliving old memories, making new ones, and most importantly, making time for each other. With the demands of rural life and their animals, Janice and Mike have barely spent a night away from the farm so Matt’s keen to give them day trips to remember within easy reach of the home.

In the opening episode of the second series, the family visit Lindisfarne, home to important monuments, heritage crafts and rare wildlife. After visiting the historic castle, the Bakers get a taste of island life at Lindisfarne's only distillery, and investigate the traditions behind its upturned herring boat huts.

Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor for Features and Daytime at Channel 4: “I am delighted that the Bakers will be taking More4 viewers on a tour of their NorthEast. We absolutely love being in their company, and at a time when we’ve all cometo appreciate the delights that lie closer to home, this series is set to be a real tonic.”

Matt Baker: Travels With Mum & Dad returns Monday 30th October on More4.


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