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Matt Baker: Our Farm In The Dales | Series 3 Preview (More4)

Matt Baker returns with a new series, as his family come to the rescue of his parents' organic sheep farm in the Durham hills.

The series follows three generations of the Baker family - Matt and his wife Nicola, their kids Molly and Luke and Matt's parents Mike and Janice - as they continue to make the vital changes needed to secure the future of the family farm following Janice's accident.

In this episode, we see how the three generations of Bakers have pulled together to make some big changes. The farm is more manageable than ever before, but as the worst storm to hit the farm in living memory strikes, many of the changes they've made have been destroyed.

So, it's down to Matt, his wife Nicola, their children Luke and Molly, Matt's parents Janice and Mike, and some local friends to get things moving in the right direction once more.

With more bad weather on the way, everyone works hard to get things back on track. Matt calls on friends to help tackle some of the destruction, while his kids Luke and Molly head out to check on all the farm's animals.

Despite the ominous weather en route, day-to-day life on the Durham hills farm continues as Herdwick sheep breeder Joe arrives with a prized male sheep, also offering his expert opinion on the lambs born last year.

Molly joins grandma Janice as the pair set about grooming the miniature Mediterranean donkeys and discover there may be some new arrivals on the horizon.

Matt Baker Our Farm In The Dales returns Wednesday 5th October at 9pm on More4.


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