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Matt Baker: Our Farm In The Dales | Series 2 Preview (More4)

Matt Baker returns with a new series, as his family come to the rescue of his parents' organic sheep farm in the Durham hills.

Over the course of this series, Matt, his wife Nicola, and children Luke and Molly call on friends and neighbours to ensure the family are prepared for the most events in the farm's seasonal calendar.

From first-time lambing with the Herdwick sheep in the spring to the hay harvest and sheep shearing in the summer, this is set to be one of their busiest years yet. Along the way, we also follow Janice's recovery, check out the results of the farm's first honey harvest and see what's next in Matt's bold plan for the future of his dad's beloved vintage Dodge.

In this first episode, it's spring, and the Bakers get hands-on for lambing season. The ongoing effort to replace the farm's existing Hampshire Downs with smaller, hardier hill breeds means this season will be the last for the remaining Hampshires.

But with Janice still not fully recovered from her accident, Matt his wife Nicola and kids Luke and Molly set up a penning system with Matt on hand to step in if any of the ewes in labour run into trouble.

Matt Baker: Our Farm In The Dales begins Monday 18th October at 9pm on More4.


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