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MasterChef | Series 20 Preview (BBC One)

The MasterChef arena opens its doors for the first of five heats, welcoming 58 amateurs from all over the UK to take on the challenge.

The first six hopefuls arrive with their sights set on one goal: to win one of the four exclusive MasterChef aprons that secure their place in the competition. Those that make it will head straight back into battle, as only the best reach the quarter-final.

John and Gregg kick things off with a brand-new challenge: Basic to Brilliant. The contestants must take an everyday ingredient and turn it into something truly spectacular. In the invention test, the contestants are tasked with creating a dish celebrating one of Gregg’s favourite foods: potato gnocchi.

The crescendo of this heat sees the remaining contestants cook their own two-course menu for three invited guests – 2023 champion Chariya Khattiyot and finalists Anurag Aggarwal and Omar Foster.

In the second episode Six more amateur cooks throw themselves into the world of MasterChef. Their aim is to reach the quarter-final, but first they need to fight for the right to wear a MasterChef apron.

John and Gregg task the six competitors with elevating an everyday ingredient in the new Basic to Brilliant challenge. With competitors including a farmer, bartender and a musical director, John and Gregg can be guaranteed a broad range of culinary delights.

The remaining contestants must think on their feet when they are given a trout which needs to be filleted, cooked, and served in the most delicious way possible.

The two that make it through join those from the first-round for the most daunting task yet: cooking their best two-course menu for three guests who have been in their shoes. This time it’s past champions Jane Devonshire, Irini Tzortzoglou, and Ping Coombes. With only an hour and 15 minutes to deliver eight plates of food, it will take steady nerves not to crumble.

In the first quarter-final, the most talented six of the week return to compete for a place in Knockout Week.

The competitors take on an intense challenge set by formidable food critic William Sitwell, who calls for an exquisite plate of food based on infamous school dinners. This is not a time for lumpy mash, overcooked fish or gloopy gravy. William doesn’t carry fond memories of what his school served up, so he’s praying for some originality and humour.

Those who come out with poor grades will be on the next bus home, as only the best head into Knockout Week.

MasterChef returns Monday 1st April at 6:30pm on BBC One.


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