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Maryland | Preview (BBC Two)

First seen at the Royal Court in London in 2021 and a fictional artistic response to recent real-life events, Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood grapples with the violence women are forced to reckon with in their everyday lives.

This new 30-minute adaptation, co-directed with acclaimed documentary-maker Brian Hill, tells the story of two everywomen, both called Mary, and a chorus of modern day furies as they deliver their stories of assault.

Zawe Ashton and Hayley Squires play the lead roles of two individual Marys who meet at a police station in the aftermath of their respective sexual assaults. Guiding them through this world is police constable Moody (Daniel Mays) and his colleague PC Eddowes (Justine Mitchell).

They are supported by a cast of Furies who rail against the injustices the women face, both in the events of the play and in the wider world.

Maryland is a Century Films production for BBC Film. The producer is Caroline Levy, the directors are Brian Hill and Lucy Kirkwood and the executive producers are Vicky Featherstone and Lucy Morrison for the Royal Court, and Suzy Klein and Rose Garnett for the BBC.

Airs Wednesday 20th July at 10pm on BBC Two.


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