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Made In Chelsea | Series 26 Preview (E4)

The gang are back home in Chelsea after a scorcher of a summer in Corsica - and there's more than just swimming shorts and bikinis to unpack!

SW3's new lovebirds Sam and Yas are blissfully happy, but it's time to face the music with Tristan, who wants to confront his ex-best friend Sam about his snaky tactics.

After taking Inga's side in Corsica, Ruby has a change of heart when she sees the chemistry between Sam and Yas. As a friend in the middle, Liv is horrified to learn that Ruby has firmly aligned herself with Yas and is cutting all ties with Inga in the process.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Joel are still dealing with the aftermath of their dalliance with Geronimo. Robbie admits that he's fallen for him, but Joel's keen to shut the door on any future. But things get even messier when Freddy reveals he's invited Geronimo to London for a visit...

And after their steamy summer romance, Willow is keen to pick things back up with Harvey. So how will she feel when she discovers that he's hooked up with someone else already?

Made In Chelsea returns Monday 9th October at 10pm on E4.


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