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Made In Chelsea | Series 25 Preview (Channel 4)

Following a drama-filled trip to Bali, the gang are back in Chelsea for a brand-new series, and Miles is surprised to learn that Yas hasn't just brought a tan back from her travels.

New boyfriend Guy has joined her in SW3, after flying over - on a one-way ticket - just to be with her! James and Maeva get back among the Chelsea set following the birth of their son, sharing their experiences of parenthood and introducing baby Beau to Emily.

Meanwhile, Willow and Issy want the truth about Yas' secret relationship with Miles, and set out to confront her. But it turns out the pair might've been hiding something all along... Robbie and Joel's relationship may be on the rocks, with Joel feeling that things have become a one-way street between them. How will Robbie react when Joel presents him with a list of everything he'd like him to improve on?

And Harvey mixes business with pleasure when she organises drinks with Issy and a business meeting with her dad on the same day - might it prove a dangerous combination?

The next episode will be available on All 4 straight after transmission of this episode on Monday 27th March.


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