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Made In Chelsea | Series 24 Preview (E4)

The gang are back in Chelsea, feeling refreshed after their trip to Mallorca, but it’s not long before the drama is in full swing.

After hearing from Sam Prince that he recently kissed Inga and wants to make another go of it, Liv learns that Inga has also hooked up with Harvey… and Sam has no idea! Liv goes head-to-head with Inga, but sparks fly when Maeva finds out that Liv is getting involved.

Elsewhere, Emily has some big news: she’s in love again! Will her new man get Miles’ seal of approval?

Meanwhile, having not seen Miles since Mallorca, Issy is keen to find out if they can pick up where they left off, but Miles is having doubts and wants to ask some pressing questions. Does Issy have the answers Miles is looking for?

Having left Willow behind in Mallorca, Julius looks forward to finding someone new in London. That is, until Willow surprises him on his home turf. Will Julius realise that it was just a holiday romance, or will love blossom back in Chelsea?

The next episode will be available as a first look on All 4 after the transmission of this one on Monday 17th October.


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