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Made In Chelsea | Series 23 Preview (E4)

Following a turbulent year, the gang are back in Chelsea, picking up the drama where it left off.

After their tough break-up, Ruby and Reza decide to give things another go - but not all Ruby's friends are happy with this decision as Julius criticises the move... Will this lead to a fiery showdown between Reza and Julius?

Elsewhere, wedding bells are in the Chelsea air as Habbs tells the group about her engagement to Jamie. But a furious Maeva feels she is being left behind and is adamant that James should put a ring on her finger!

Will her pressuring him to pop the question burst their relationship bubble? Meanwhile, with Sam Prince back on the scene, Inga has made the decision to take him back after his actions forced them apart - but sparks fly when Verity and Inga come face to face at Liv's party.

And Victoria opens up to Mark Francis about her relationship with her daughter's father, who has been in prison since before her birth.

Made In Chelsea returns Monday 4th April on E4.


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