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The Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas Special | Preview (Channel 5)

It’s coming up to Christmas in Sainte Victoire and Judith and Jeremy have arranged for their friends to attend a murder mystery night at a hotel with a spooky history.

Jean, Dom, Caron, Judith, Jeremy and Gloria embark on a mini road trip in their cars and head to the Hotel Sanguinet approximately an hour away from Sainte Victoire.

Checking into the hotel they are met by Jeremy’s friends and hotel owners Martin and Lydia. The couple are being financially crippled running of the hotel and are looking for new investors. Their only staff member is Johnson, the Butler, inherited from the previous owner, who has worked at the hotel for many years.

A terrible storm arrives and heavy rain pounds the hotel, which Jeremy had predicted by getting a feeling in his big toe! As the night progresses the murder mystery night takes a deadly turn when an actual murder takes place…

While everyone else is asleep, Jean, still haunted by spooking goings on, decides to look around the hotel for clues with Dom. Will Jean discover who the killer is? And will she be able to answer the mystery to the ghostly goings on that have haunted Hotel Sanguinet for so long?

The Madame Blanc Mysteries airs Friday 22nd December at 9pm on Channel 5.


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