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The Madame Blanc Mysteries | Series 2 Preview (Channel 5)

Sainte Victoire Bay glistens in the moonlight. Jeremy had one too many drinks with the boys and Judith orders him to sleep on their cabin cruiser. The next morning, he clambers bleary-eyed out of the cabin and trips over something - the body of a young woman is lying on the deck!

Jean and Charlie are opening their beautiful new antiques shop but the celebration is interrupted by the news that Jeremy has been taken to the police station. Caron tells Jeremy that the body had fallen from the cliff and he is not a suspect.

Jeremy goes home to face the music with Judith. She is furious that he’s left her alone to look after the photo shoot that a famous patisserie chef Vernon Bradley is holding at the Chateau.

And even more furious when Jeremy says he spent the night with a woman - even if she was dead! Jean is a huge Vernon Bradley fan, so when Dom is asked to help out at the Chateau, she persuades him to take her along to meet her hero.

Judith quickly pulls Jean aside to tell her that Jeremy has murdered his mistress and begs her to help. Caron’s only clue is a Victorian comb that was in the dead woman’s pocket. Jean quickly realises that it’s a cake comb - but why would that be in her pocket?

Can Jean figure out who the dead woman is and get Jeremy back into Judith’s good books? And what does all this have to do with the photo shoot at the Chateau? In prison, Simone has a visitor and is excited that Charlie has finally come to see her.

But when she walks into the visiting room, it is Barbara sitting there. And that can’t be good news for Jean!

The Madame Blanc Mysteries returns Thursday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5.


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