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Miriam & Alan: Lost In Scotland And Beyond | Preview (Channel 4)

Miriam Margolyes and Alan Cumming, TV's 'golden odd couple', are back as their rip-roaring road trip antics continue across Scotland... and beyond.

A year older, but not necessarily wiser, and now accompanied by Alan's dog Lala, this series sees them take in some of Scotland's most spectacular and far-flung locations, reconnecting with old friends and rekindling old memories - before journeying across the Pond to their other mutual home, the California coast.

Alan was lured by the bright lights of Tinseltown over 30 years ago - and Miriam lived there for over a decade. Both are ready to dive back in - but is the Golden State ready for them?

In this first episode, our duo kick off their Scotland leg on the Harry Potter Express steam train, before it's camper van time again, as they drive to the glorious Cairngorms where Miriam finally gets behind the wheel - of a tandem scooter.

Looking like a bank robber in her midge-repellent hat, the pair get stuck into some very modern orienteering and have an emotional close encounter with reindeer. All before heading to the east coast to hook up with dear friend and actor Brian Cox at his old stomping ground, the Dundee Rep.

As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Alan reveals he's been given the special task of conducting an LGBTQ+ wedding, which takes their journey towards Loch Lomond - a route that sparks childhood memories of holiday crushes for Miriam. Alan insists on a stop off at the quant village of Luss to relive his early career playing an evil woodcutter in the legendary Take the High Road.

And building up to a celebration to remember in more ways than one, Miriam gets her kit off for some pre-wedding pampering in the form of an outdoor massage, before donning her sequins and giving a unique read of The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, while Alan weds his cousin and gives Miriam a whirl on the dance floor.

Miriam & Alan: Lost In Scotland And Beyond begins Tuesday 8th November at 9:15pm on Channel 4.


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