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Location Location Location | Series 39 Preview (Channel 4)

Location, Location, Location is back with a brand-new series, featuring all new house-hunters battling the ever-changing market. With nervous buyers facing up to the cost of living and the rise in interest rates, the steady guiding hands of Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are more valuable than ever.

This time, our duo are searching in Oxfordshire, literally trying to find some middle ground. Kirstie is with self-proclaimed 'pocket rocket' Reena, who is looking for the geographical balance between her work in Oxford and her family in the Midlands.

Reena has searched on and off for five years and admits there's a level of indecision she needs to overcome. She wants a house but would settle for a flat, and Kirstie offers up five options in the hope of bringing this search to an end. It turns out one of them could be just right for Reena, so it'll come down to whether Kirstie can secure it at the right price.

And Phil's with Tan and Steve, a couple living an hour apart who want to be under the same roof. Phil has his work cut out, as the couple want open-plan living so they can host family and friends but are searching in a pretty expensive patch.

With kerb appeal to the fore, Phil's charged with finding a period property that offers them everything they want, where they want it. That means he gets to show them some stunning homes, but with their wish list, are any of them stunning enough?

The next episode will be available to stream or download following the transmission of this episode on Wednesday 03rd May.


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