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The Sex Lives of College Girls | Preview (ITV2)

Pauline Chalamet (The King of Staten Island), Amrit Kaur (Star Trek: Short Treks), Renee Rapp (Mean Girls on Broadway), and Alyah Chanelle Scott (The Book of Mormon) star as four roommates randomly assigned to a dorm at Essex College, a prestigious New England university.

These sexually active college girls are a bundle of contradictions and hormones and we join them as they live out their new, free lives on campus.

Episode 1: Welcome To Essex

After saying goodbye to their parents, first-year students Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney begin adjusting to college life. While Leighton falls out with her high school friends, Whitney clashes with a teammate, Kimberly struggles with the culture shock, and Bela guns for a coveted spot on the school's comedy magazine, the Catullan.

Begins Sunday 24th April on ITV2.


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