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Late Night With Jordan Brookes | Preview (Channel 4)

Jordan Brookes is presenting the chat show of his nightmares.

Literally. Stuck in a coma after a mysterious accident, he finds himself hosting a psychedelic talk show live from his own subconscious. And every time he makes it to the credits, another episode begins.

Jordan is convinced that if he can just put on a good show, he will wake up. Yet he can’t seem to control the parade of disco dancing intrusive thoughts and personified past traumas which interrupt every episode. Can he face down his demons and make it back to reality? Or will he be interviewing Debbie McGee for all eternity?

Late Night Forever! with Jordan Brookes is a Hat Trick production. It was written by Jordan Brookes and directed by duo Rosco 5 (Gideon Beresford & Behnam Taheri).

It stars Jordan Brookes, Sunil Patel, Amy Gledhill and very special guest Debbie McGee. Lands Friday 6th May on All4.


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