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Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next | Preview (BBC One)

Harvey Price, who lives with a range of complex medical and behavioural conditions including autism, is about to set off on a rite of passage that thousands of young people do every year; going to college.

This hour-long documentary follows on from the BBC iPlayer record breaking first film, Harvey and Me, which explored the love Harvey and Katie have for each other and demonstrated that there is far more to Katie than what is reported in the headlines.

As Harvey embarks on his first term at specialist college, National Star, this intimate film gives viewers access to their unique bond and how they both find being apart from one another now that Harvey is away full time.

What Harvey Did Next goes behind the scenes and discovers how staff at the college work with young adults with disabilities to realise their aspirations. Filmed over several months of learning and living in his own flat, this film puts Harvey at the centre as he navigates college life, forming friendships and settling into the place where he hopes to spend the next three years.

Many parents will relate to the complex mixture of pride and emotional turmoil that occurs when a child leaves home, and Katie speaks about how these feelings are exacerbated when your child has additional needs. She reveals her innermost fears of separation, the void her son has left and the ‘Mum guilt’ of potentially enjoying her new-found freedom as Harvey explores a more independent, adult life.

Midway through Harvey’s first term at college, things take an unexpected turn back at home. Katie is arrested following a car accident, after driving whilst intoxicated and disqualified. Her family come together to support her, as Katie shares how she is continuing with therapy to avoid going into ‘self-destruct’ in the future. Katie’s Mum, Amy, asks her a difficult question – what would happen to Harvey if something had happened to you?

What Harvey Did Next is a film which shines a light on a side of disability that’s not often spoken about; independence, love and letting go, coming of age and reframing relationships as we grow.

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next airs Monday 7th March at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.


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