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Katie Price's Mucky Mansion | Preview (Channel 4)

Katie Price's 19-room mansion is full of bad memories for the TV and media personality. Dubbed the 'Mucky Mansion' in headlines, it has been the target of vandals, fallen into disrepair and is unhabitable. But Katie is determined to make it a family home once again.

In this new three-part series, cameras follow Katie and her family over seven months as they renovate the 10-acre property, and capture Katie's efforts to put bad memories and traumatic events behind her, to create a happy home and sanctuary for her family.

From designing the perfect bedrooms for her children to overseeing a kitchen makeover and replacing chimney pots, we see Katie like never before... crafting, decorating and upcycling.

We also see Katie as a mum, daughter and sister, as well as hearing about her journey to mental healing as she discusses hitting rock bottom and accepting the need for help. In this first episode, Katie gets started on the renovation of her house, which got into such a state she could no longer live in it.

Her mental health suffered, and she was previously unable to even step inside. But now, feeling stronger, Katie has decided to breathe new life into the house and make it her forever home. She begins to design a new kitchen - the hub of the house - and creates a jungle-themed bedroom for her youngest son.

It's all hands on deck, as the children muck in to help decorate Jett's new room, which features dens, grass walls and animals on the wall that Katie has crafted to help add to the fantasy feel.

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion begins Wednesday 26th January at 9pm on Channel 4.


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