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Joanne & Vogue's Sex Drive | Preview (E4)

Presenter Vogue William and her mate and comedian Joanne McNally are going on a girl’s trip to Ibiza to find out where they sit on the sexual spectrum - are they as open minded as they think, or are they lights off, t-shirts on, prudes at heart?

Known for hosting their laugh out loud podcast together - ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’ - listened to by millions each week, these BFFs are swapping the safety of their podcast mic for two plane tickets to Ibiza, as they embark on an eye opening and empowering journey, with a goal of exploring their sexuality and understanding how to truly live their best lives.

In this one off special produced by Rumpus Media, Sex Drive will see Vogue and Joanne meeting, and experiencing, people and communities that are pushing the boundaries of conventional sex.

This isn't a grubby exploration of pampas grass swingers, but a sex and body positive journey, filtered through the lens of best friends who do not hold back. It's a raucous, real-talk, funny road trip with heart that approaches the world of sex, spirituality, and wellness in an entirely fresh and riotous way.

Is it the Gwyneth Paltrow approach - wafting around with her washboard stomach, telling us how to steam our nethers, shove a jade egg up ‘there’ and then watch on while a stranger waves the air until they climax - the average British girls experience of a sexy time? Should it be?

From steaming their ‘yonis’ in a field, to a wild night out at an erotic nightclub in the heart of Ibiza’s West End, we’ll follow the duo’s every move as they endeavour to reach a higher sexual and spiritual plane and overcome their own inhibitions.

But will Joanne and Vogue be changed women? Will they learn brand new things about their bodies that can enrich their own sex lives? Or will they leave with more questions than they came to the island with?

Sex Drive begins Thursday 21st September at 10pm on E4.


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