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Who Killed Jill Dando | Preview (Netflix)

British broadcasting legend, Jill Dando, was killed by a single bullet on her doorstep in 1999 in broad daylight.

Despite one of the biggest homicide investigations in British history, the murder remains unsolved. This three-part series takes viewers through the twists and the turns of a true crime mystery as her family, friends, journalists, investigators and lawyers wrestle with the question: Who Killed Jill Dando?

The multi-part series will blend archive, new research and revelatory interviews to revisit Dando’s life, career, and what would become one of the most notorious unsolved murders of the 20th century.

A source told The Sun: "Netflix docs have a reputation for producing new information which changes the way major crimes from the past are viewed. So hopes will be raised that they may produce something similar as they revisit the murder of a much-loved figure whose demise shocked the nation."

Who Killed Jill Dando lands Tuesday 26th September on Netflix.


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