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Jane McDonald Lost In Japan | Preview (Channel 5)

Jane lands in Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun - to begin her trip around this incredible country. Starting her travels in Tokyo, she discovers a city that brings the old and the new together in spectacular fashion.

Diving head first into the action, Jane gets her bearings and a birds eye view of the stunning city when she heads two hundred and thirty meters to the top of the Shibuya Sky Platform observation deck. Next, she visits some beautiful Shinto shrines where she learns how to ask the deities for their blessings and good luck.

Keen to learn more about Japanese culture, she attends a sumo match, meets the wrestlers – who cook her a sumo sized feast - and is more than a little surprised to find herself in the ring.

Wanting to discover more about food that’s big in Japan, Jane heads out for noodles, is amazed to discover such a huge variety and struggles to eat them using chopsticks. Her visit to a Maid Café is a trip to a princess-based fantasy world that sees Jane and friends eating food injected with love!

No visit by Jane to Tokyo would be complete without a night out in a karaoke bar! Taking to the mic with friends she’s made along the way, Jane experiences the phenomena that’s taken the world by storm in the city in which it was invented.

Jane McDonald: Lost In Japan begins Friday 25th August at 9pm on Channel 5.


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