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Jamie Oliver's £1 Wonders | Preview (Channel 4)

Jamie Oliver returns with a new series, as he shows us how to create deliciously gnarly recipes that help us keep costs under control in the kitchen.

Jamie shares a range of unbelievably tasty, family-friendly dishes that can each be made for a quid a portion or less, based on the average cost of the ingredients used. From simple tips and tricks to make ingredients go further, to meals that can be cooked from scratch in a microwave and even some that don't need cooking at all, Jamie shows us the different ways meals can be cooked to save time and money.

Using everyday ingredients in the most energy efficient ways, Jamie shares his simple principles to help us create delicious and nutritious meals for ourselves and our loved ones.

In this first episode, Jamie shares a delicious version of a roast chicken that saves both time and money, without scrimping on flavour. He fills chicken thighs with a super-simple cheat's stuffing to make the meat stretch further, and the whole dish cooks in a fraction of the time of a traditional whole bird, saving energy and keeping costs under control.

He knocks out another super-simple dish that turns humble pancake batter into a thing of beauty, with layers of pancakes, spinach, ham and oozy cheese in a stunning stack of gorgeousness that's bang on budget.

Jamie also looks at different ways to cook two super-tasty family favourites; a pizza that doesn't even need you to turn on the oven and a microwave chilli con carne that makes the most of the most cost-efficient appliance in the kitchen.

And he calls on his old pal Gennaro Contaldo to share some tips on traditional Italian cooking, to keep costs down and flavour up.

Jamie Oliver's £1 Wonders begins Monday 6th March on Channel 4.


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