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Into The Congo With Ben Fogle | Preview (Channel 5)

In this thrilling new series, fearless adventurer Ben Fogle embarks on his most extreme journey to date… into the Congo, one of the most mysterious and perilous places on earth.

Ben travels deep into the Congo’s remote and stunning rainforests, to immerse himself with native tribes and to discover how ancient ways of life are still thriving. He encounters some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring wildlife, coming face to face with the majestic and elusive lowland gorillas.

From the shores of the mighty Congo River to the bustling streets of Brazzaville, Ben encounters inspiring people, from glass-eating voodoo wrestlers to dandy-style fashionistas, and experiences the vibrant culture that makes Congo “the beating heart of Africa”.

Join Ben on this epic journey of adventure and discovery as he explores the hidden wonders and secrets of this magical land.

On the first leg, Ben arrives in the bustling capital Brazzaville, before setting off on a gruelling two-day journey into the wilderness to visit a remote tribe living deep in the jungle – one of the longest-surviving cultures in the world.

The Mbendjele BaYaka tribe is semi-nomadic, living in traditional huts made from leaves, and they have never been filmed before. Ben throws himself into every aspect of daily life, building his own forest home and joining the women on foraging expeditions to hunt for food.

The series begins Sunday 18th February at 9pm on Channel 5.

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