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In For A Penny | Series 6 Preview (ITV1)

Stephen Mulhern is back with a brand-new series of his hugely popular on-the-street game show.

During the series, viewers will also see Stephen travel to Manchester, Leicester, Bristol, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Wigan, Milton Keynes and Luton giving the public the chance to win one thousand pounds, but they’ll need to have a penny to play as there is no contactless on this show...

In For The Penny favourites including Left Hanging, Pump It Up, Weigh To Go, Whatever The Weather, Check it Out and Pet Bet are also back, but this series will also introduce brand-new games Diving For Dosh - which takes place at an indoor pool and will test contestants’ celebrity knowledge - and Paint For Pounds, our first ever head-to-head game and a messy one!

Hoover Manoeuvre challenges players to guess which robot hoover will win a nail-biting race, and Get Saucy sees couples face the ultimate test as they attempt to answer questions about their own relationship.

In Romance or Showmance players will be introduced to a groom and four possible brides, but who is the mystery couple? Roll It will see players roll toilet roll down a money ladder to win cash prizes, but if they land on ‘losing all’, everything they’ve banked will be lost

In For A Penny returns Saturday 20th April at 6:30pm on ITV1.


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