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In For A Penny | 2022 Series Preview (ITV)

Stephen Mulhern will be back with a brand-new series of his hugely popular on the street game show In For A Penny.

The people of the UK beware, Stephen could be coming to a town near you surprising members of the public to take part in hilariously silly and bonkers games.

Viewers will be treated to games including, Pet Bet where contestants will be joined by their dogs to be in with a chance to win £100, Sausage Roll, where teams of two will attempt to roll a sausage roll across their partners body without using their hands.

A Gelato Fun, sees one team member attempt to drop the ice cream into a cone that is precariously placed in their partners mouth, in Pound Pong, players are faced with 10 cups all worth differing amounts, ranging from £1 to £100.

Players will have five attempts to accumulate as much cash as they can and in Pedestrian Question, each contestant will have two minutes to answer as many questions as they can but the answers will be based on Stephen’s opinion, so they have to guess what Stephen would answer to be in with a chance of winning the cash.

In For A Penny returns Saturday 9th April on ITV.


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