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I Hate You | Preview (Channel 4)

New comedy from Robert Popper about two best friends in their mid-20s - Charlie (Tanya Reynolds) and Becca (Melissa Saint) - and their intense, messy friendship in today's intense, messy world.

It's about the one friend you can say anything to and do anything with: the idiotic in-jokes, the laughing till you almost puke, as well as the insane bickering and late-night shouting matches.

It's about that one friend you really love - and really hate. Charlie, a bit of a worrier who thinks 99% of humans are dickheads, and Becca, who has no embarrassment gene and usually makes the wrong decision, share a flat that is half spotless (Becca's room) and half 'shittery' (Charlie's room).

Together, they're complete chaos. And you really should be crossing that road when they're walking towards you...

In the first episode, when Charlie is dumped by a guy who believes humans came from bears, Becca can't stop teasing her. But Charlie teases Becca back for going on a date with a man in his 70s - Leonard (Michael Cochrane).

When Becca comes back later, raving about how interesting older men are, Charlie decides to find her own pensioner - Ralph (Joseph Marcell). The girls each go on a second date, but Leonard and Ralph merely repeat everything they said on their first date.

The men are just too old... Becca and Charlie soon realise that they need to arrange a double date with Leonard and Ralph - which ends with a 'double dumping'.

I Hate You begins Thursday 13th October on Channel 4.


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