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Barry Humphries At The BBC | Preview (BBC Two)

When the great Barry Humphries passed away last month, the world said goodbye to a comedian whose antics had for years had kept presenters, interviewers and chat-show hosts on their toes, half-excited and half-terrified of what outrageous statement he, Dame Edna Everage or Sir Les Patterson might utter on live television.

Alex Jones looks back at the highlights of Barry’s career on a selection of BBC shows, sharing her own memories alongside some of Barry’s funniest, rudest and most revealing moments from over the decades.

It’s a collection that demonstrates exactly why Sir Les and Dame Edna were loved by comedy fans across the world, while also highlighting how, while his two comic creations may have got all the attention, it was Barry who was really one of a kind.

Barry Humphries At The BBC airs Sunday at 9pm on BBC Two.


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