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The House Across The Street | Preview (Channel 5)

The series follows Claudia, a lonely single mother and school nurse, longing for connection. Her opportunity to be a hero comes when a young child in her community – Emily Winter – goes missing.

Claudia becomes embroiled in the case and fixated on uncovering the truth. However, her fascination quickly begins to turn to obsession, not only with what happened to Emily, but also with the Winter family at the heart of the case - Emily’s grief-stricken father, Owen; her cold mother, Sabine, and her twelve-year-old brother, Dean.

Shirley Henderson will play the lead role of Claudia, with Craig Parkinson as affable English tutor George. Emily’s heartbroken parents Owen and Sabine are played by Ian-Lloyd Anderson and Lisa Dwyer Hogg.

Sara Powell plays supportive yet suspicious neighbour Joanne alongside Ronan Leahy as her husband Dave.

In addition, Luke Griffin plays Leon, Claudia’s estranged husband while newcomers Myah Mason and Calum Jess play siblings Emily and Dean Winter, Caleb Wilson plays Claudia’s son Rhys.

Also featuring are Eddie Brett who joins as Joanne and Dave’s son Simon, Francesca Europa as Imogen, Niamh McCann as Annette and Danielle Ryan as Holly.

The House Across The Street, formerly titled The Winter Child, airs w/c 17th October on Channel 5.


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