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PREVIEW: Hot Tub Brits, Channel 5

The 2 x 60-minute series, called Hot Tub Brits, will feature those who design, build, and install hot tubs across the country, as well as super-fans including one couple who are looking to build the UK’s longest hot tub.

Hot Tub Brits will also showcase some of the most luxurious hot tubs in the UK, found in 5-star hotels, to remote woodland treehouses.

Channel 5 commissioning editor said: "It’s a quirky but compelling subject matter that explores a world of excess and ridiculousness but also aspiration and attainability,"

The programme meets celebrity chef Aldo Zilli as he installs a top-of-the-range tub in the grounds of his Surrey mansion, while first-time buyers Claire and Stephen from Co Durham test the latest models at their local showroom

Hot Tub Brits begins Sunday 1st August at 9pm on Channel 5.


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