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Hotel Benidorm | Preview (Channel 5)

This new series delves inside one of Benidorm’s iconic hotels - Hotel Benidorm Plaza - to follow the lives of the staff, and the holidays of some of the millions of visitors that flood the Spanish Resort each summer.

This series follows the charismatic team, whose job it is to make holiday dreams come true, and the holidaymakers in search of a belter of a break - capturing all the highs and the lows, disasters and triumphs, against a glorious backdrop of beautiful beaches and blue skies.

In episode 1, it’s Easter in Benidorm - the start of the season - and the Brits are back! Hotel Benidorm Plaza is a 230-room hotel which has been part of the heart and soul of this iconic Spanish resort for decades. That’s 77 staff making nearly 500 beds, replacing nearly a 1000 towels, serving 400 breakfasts, including 5 kilos of bacon for the Brits, and 100 bottles of wine each day.

Receptionist Marisi, reception manager Manuel, and restaurant manager Pepe have worked at the hotel for a combined 79 years and counting. Joining these veterans is new hotel director Angel and new receptionist, ‘Spanglish’ Jessica.

It’s a race against the clock to re-open the pool and assemble box upon box of new furniture before the refurbished hotel gets signed off by hotel royalty. Amid the mayhem, it’s Easter festival of Semana Santa in Benidorm - an important date for many Spanish families - and Marisi’s sister is following in the footsteps of their late Father by carrying the statues from the church.

Checking in this week is a female rugby team from Manchester looking to let off some steam; Benidorm superfans returning to relive their honeymoon; and friends hoping for solace in the sun. With room bookings and false nails at a serious risk of being lost, it’s up to the dedicated staff to keep things ticking along and the holidaymakers to keep smiling, rain or shine.

Hotel Benidorm opens Sunday 10th September at 8pm on Channel 5.


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