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The Great Home Transformation | Preview (Channel 4)

Emma Willis and Nick Grimshaw team up for a new series as they set about transforming family homes across the country in just three days with the help of one life-changing truck.

Inside the truck is an immersive mobile mood board where the family will experience a bespoke vision for a cleverly designed and stylish new family home, based simply on their activities and needs.

While the plans for each Great Home Transformation will be informed by specialist technology and interior design intelligence, the work will be mostly realised by Emma, Nick, resident interior designer Alex Dauley, resident craftsman Tim Hitchens and the family themselves, showing just how simple it is to radically change your home for the better through smart, accessible design.

In the first episode, Emma and Nick kick off with a trip to one of the sunniest places in Britain, Eastbourne, to help Becca, Sam and their four children, who are struggling for space in those messy early years of parenting. As a household, the family are feeling stifled by their chaotic living situation, swamped by a tsunami of clutter and laundry and unable to do the things they really love in their home.

And that stress is heightened, as one of the children has a medical condition which requires regular treatment at home. They're stuck for solutions and in desperate need of a transformation. Armed with innovative data that reveals exactly how the family use their home, designer Alex Dauley is on hand with a design solution.

She has devised a plan for their living room that will bring much-needed order to a space that has to cater to everyone's needs. She also tackles a conservatory that needs to be used for something other than laundry. And finally, she has a plan to address their current eccentric, yet relatable, sleeping arrangements.

The Great Home Transformation begins Wednesday 06th April at 8pm on Channel 4.


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