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Home Greek Home | Preview (More4)

Filmed over the course of a year on the Greek island of Skiathos, this brand-new show follows TV presenter and designer Sarah Moore as she follows through with her dream of buying a house in a place that means so much to her.

Having spent many years from the age of 17 holidaying and working on the island, Sarah has developed a deep connection to Skiathos and has long dreamt of one day owning her own house there. During the Covid lockdown, Sarah saw a house online and bought the derelict renovation project without ever seeing it in person.

This six-part series charts the highs and lows of taking on the tricky rebuild in a conservation area and follows Sarah as she takes up the challenge to renovate the house using traditional materials, saving as much of the original character of the house as she can.

With help from her friends and family, can Sarah transform the house from derelict relic in the cobbled back streets to a fabulous family foothold in the old quarter? The project rises from the rubble, but success is always in the lap of the Greek Gods...

In this first episode, Sarah and her family visit the house for the first time and discover the complications of renovations in a country with different building rules and regulations.

Home Greek Home begins Tuesday 28th February on Channel 4.

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