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Happy Campers: The Caravan Park | Series 4 Preview (Channel 5)

Summer’s here… School’s out… and that can mean only one thing… the annual pilgrimage to the Westcountry has begun! Holidaymakers from far and wide are descending on the region’s campsites and caravan parks.

And at Holiday Resort Unity, in Brean, Somerset, that means it’s all hands on deck as staff rush to get everything ready on time. But their efforts are hampered when a severe weather warning is issued. With temperatures threatening to hit 35 degrees, reception team Tracey and Sara rush to check that campers aren’t struck down with sunburn and sunstroke.

In Looe, Cornwall, Tencreek General Manager Rob has put his housekeeping team on high alert as he’s entered his park into the prestigious Loo of the Year competition. The judges will be leaving no toilet seat unturned in their search for excellence. But Rob’s left caught with his trousers down as the judges surprise him with an early visit. Will his facilities make the grade?

Meanwhile, Tencreek’s receptionist Kyle is shocked to discover one of the caravans has been left in a dreadful state. But with guests already on their way, can he and cleaner Naomi get it fixed in time?

Back in Somerset, Head of Entertainment Chunkie Russell’s got a plan to freshen up the entertainment programme. He’s booked Nicola, a tribute act, for his big weekend show. Nicola is performing as one of Pop’s most outrageous acts, Lady Gaga, but Chunkie’s worried she might end up being a little too outrageous for his family audience.

Happy Campers: The Caravan Park returns Sunday 21st May at 8pm on Channel 5.


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