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Guy's Garage | Preview (Channel 4)

Guy Martin may have made his name as a daredevil motorcycle racer, but he's never happier than when he's tinkering with some crazy machine in his garage.

Now he's embarking on one of his most ambitious challenges yet: transforming iconic road vehicles from around Europe into thoroughbred racing machines.

He'll then pit himself against the best of the best on some of the continent's most unusual and hair-raising courses. First up, Guy revamps a Volvo, which he intends to take to Sweden to compete in the national motorsport, Folk Racing - a super-competitive rallycross. Guy loves Volvos and already owns two.

With the help of his fellow mechanic Cameron Whitworth - Cammy - Guy strips down a 240 Volvo estate, often dubbed the safest car in the world. It should be a pretty straightforward project for the boys. But the next few months are dogged with issues, errors, explosions and disasters.

Finally, after working their way through two cars, three engines, a brace of gearboxes and countless late nights in the garage, the boys make it to Sweden with their Volvo, ready for some folk racing at the Vasteras Motorstadion.

Guy's Garage begins Monday 22nd November at 9pm on Channel 4.

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