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Guide Dog Puppy School | Preview (Channel 5)

All puppies are cute, but a select few are truly life changing. For visually impaired Brits, the canine graduates of Guide Dog Puppy School can help them live the fullest, brightest and most ambitious lives possible.

In this joyful, moving and super cute series, we going to find out. At Guide Dog Puppy School, we’ll meet dogs at every stage of their journey – from newborns to trainees and veterans – as well as the humans that both train them and rely on them.

In this episode, we meet Hester – a visually impaired 16-year-old and Paralympic skiing hopeful who’s about to become one of the UK’s youngest guide dog owners. But how will her retired Buddy Dog (and now beloved family pet) Dash, cope with this upstart interloper?

At Guide Dog Puppy School, one-year-old Labrador retriever cross Eva is about to undertake a tough test: the obstacle course. This is a critical part of guide dog training, so she needs to nail it.

Over in Shrewsbury, we meet Ela, a six-year-old Golden Retriever and her human mum, Kath. Ela is part of Guide Dogs’ breeding program and she’s eight weeks pregnant. Today, she is having her final ultrasound from Guide Dogs’ Breeding Advisor, Kim – AKA the puppy midwife.

It’s not just girls doing their bit for breeding. We meet Golden Retriever Trigger – a breeding legend who has sired over 300 puppies – as he heads off to Guide Dogs HQ to father the next generation.

Next, we’re back with expectant mum Ela who is in labour. After several hours she has delivered six pups. But just when they think it’s all over, number seven arrives. Back at Guide Dog Puppy School, we find out if Eva can resist the ultimate test – food temptation. After a slight mishap, her training kicks in and she sails through the test.

Ela’s pups are now a week old and they’re having their health assessment. Six of the pups are in perfect health but one of them has a broken tail which needs looking at…

We also meet Natalie and rescue Labradoodle Cleo. Natalie has cerebral palsy. When she adopted Cleo six years ago, she could tell Cleo was special. After training from Support Dogs, Cleo now helps Natalie live independently.

Guide Dog Puppy School begins Friday 01st September on Channel 5.


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