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The Greatest TV | Preview (Channel 5)

Over three two-hour episodes, this series looks at the greatest TV of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Featuring classic archive, interviews with those involved in making these amazing TV shows, behind-the-scenes stories and pictures, and tributes from celebrity fans, Greatest TV looks at all genres - from soaps to sitcom, kids shows to music programming, stand-out dramas to epic live TV events.

The first show, Greatest TV of the ’60s, takes a look at the best television programmes from the swinging decade that invented pop culture. From soaps to sitcoms, variety to live events, the show features insider stories and stand out footage.

Featuring interviews with some of the leading players from this decade. We hear from Coronation Street Legend William Roache about the early days of the soap, including the terrifying experience of filming live episodes.

Comic Jimmy Tarbuck shares stories from his stint hosting the iconic Sunday Night at the London Palladium and remembers his comedian friends Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill and Dick Emery.

We have classic hilarious moments from Pete and Dud, Monty Python and Dad’s Army. Drama is represented with a celebration of The Avengers and Z Cars, and we learn how the epic costume drama The Forsyte Saga was so popular that pub landlords complained that bars were empty while the show was airing and churches were forced to change the timings for evensong to avoid empty pews.

We remember the start of Top of the Pops, with Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson describing how the show elevated the band’s fortunes. We remember Eurovision and kids TV, discovering how Play School accidentally launched BBC2, and finding out what happened when Blue Peter’s Valerie Singleton took a lion for a walk.

And finally we revisit moments that united the world - with celebrities recalling where they were when man first landed on the moon. Begins Saturday 21st October on Channel 5.


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