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The Great British Dig | Series 4 Preview (More4)

The Great British Dig returns with a new series, uncovering even more history hidden in Britain's back gardens.

Hugh Dennis and an expert team of archaeologists excavate gardens to uncover lost history buried beneath our lawns and flowerbeds. With the help of local residents, the team uncover mysteries that stretch across millennia - from a Roman fort to a medieval castle and much, much more - as they reveal the exciting discoveries beneath the petunias.

The experts joining Hugh are archaeological scientist and lecturer at Newcastle University Dr Chloe Duckworth, field archaeologist Natasha Bilson, and author and archaeologist John Henry Phillips.

In this episode, Hugh and the team reveal a new chapter of Roman history in Cornwall, at a recently discovered Roman fort near Calstock. Little was previously known about the Romans in this part of England but the indications from the team's excavation are that the Romans were not in the South West solely for a military campaign.

As part of the investigation Hugh also visits the reconstructed Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry. With the help of the local community, the archaeologists aim to reveal the fort's lost civilian settlement and the road leading into the main gate, but along the way they make an incredible discovery that digs deeper into an aspect of Roman history that's only just starting to emerge.

The Great British Dig returns Thursday 15th June at 9pm on More4.


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