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The Greatest Auction | Preview (Channel 4)

Set in a specially created auction house, this brand-new show, hosted by AJ Odudu, brings millionaires, private collectors and serious antique dealers face to face as they compete to buy the most extraordinary items up for sale at The Greatest Auction.

For the sellers, parting with their cherished collections is both an emotional moment and also a unique opportunity to find out what they're really worth. In this episode, Banksy experts risk their money and reputations on a piece of wall featuring a work attributed to the anonymous artist.

There's also a comedy classic as Tommy Cooper's fez goes on sale, just like that! There's also a jar of pickled pig foetuses, and a serious array of Buzzcocks ephemera brought in by a veteran punk rocker who can hardly bear to part with his beloved collection.

The Greatest Auction begins Tuesday 09th May at 8pm on Channel 4.


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