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Grayson Perry's Full English | Preview (Channel 4)

In this new series Grayson Perry travels around England as he tries to uncover what Englishness means today. Who are the English?

Grayson begins his exploration of English identity in the south. Travelling around the country with his white-van driver Kirk, to collect objects for an exhibition about Englishness, Grayson encounters a variety of people who have very distinct ideas about the country.

In Dover, he meets Jeremy, who patrols the English Channel on his boat looking for immigrants arriving from across the water. Jeremy says he's protecting his country, but what exactly does he think he's defending, and did the version of England he believes in ever really exist?

In Munich, for the England vs Germany match, Grayson hangs out in the bars and beer cellars with some hyped-up football fans. Will they be able to offer a different, perhaps surprising, idea of what being English means?

Travelling to the west country, Grayson explores older ideas of England. He dresses as the spirit of a deer to participate in a ritual with the British Druid Order. Then he visits the country pile of musicians Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey, where he encounters a nostalgia for the faded glamour of England's past.

Finally, he meets a group who want to reclaim a part of our common heritage as he witnesses their mass trespass across the country estate of Tory peer Lord Benyon.

Grayson Perry's Full English begins Thursday 26th January at 9pm on Channel 4.


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