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Granite Harbour | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Popular drama series Granite Harbour returns to Aberdeen for a new three-part series as Lindo, Bart and the police team investigate two fatal cases with dark consequences at their heart, immersing the Major Investigations Team in the granite city’s criminal underworld.

When drug kingpin Grace McFadden’s notorious fixer turns up dead, the MIT have their work cut out to find the source of a new cocaine and ketamine compound flooding the streets. Fearing an impending drugs turf war is brewing, the team fight to uncover the truth.

To complicate things, Lindo investigates the case of pregnant stowaway, Mariam, who claims her partner was killed on their journey across the sea. At the dockside, Lindo and Bart’s suspicions are raised by the guarded behaviour of Captain Anders Nielsen and his protege Axel Berg from the Stolthet, a Norwegian cargo ship which recently arrived in Aberdeen.

After complications and conflicts arise, DCI MacMillan pulls Lindo and Bart off the stowaway murder case. However, Lindo has other ideas, refusing to give up on his hunch the Stolthet’s crew are guilty of something sinister.

With the drug investigation making slow progress, Monty and Mallick are further frustrated by the McFadden family’s unwillingness to cooperate. As the investigation pulls the team in different directions, Lindo faces an added complication when his estranged father, Grantley, arrives for a visit from Jamaica. However, it’s clear he’s got an agenda of his own.

Starring Romario Simpson as Lindo, Hannah Donaldson as Bart, Dawn Steele as DCI MacMillan, Bhav Joshi as Mallick, Michelle Jeram as Monty, Patrick Robinson as Grantley, Lesley Hart as Grace McFadden, Afsaneh Dehrouyeh as Mariam, Søren Malling as Captain Anders Nielsen and Christopher Rygh as Axel Berg.

This series also stars Sani Mamood, Sakuntala Ramanee, Sam Garioch, Layla Kirk, Kate Bracken, Melina Akermin Kvie and Alex Høgh Anderson.

Granite Harbour debuts on the BBC Scotland channel, followed by BBC One on Friday 3rd May and iPlayer. All three episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 2 May.


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