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Grace | Series 2 Preview (ITV)

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace suspects the sudden death of a former schoolteacher found in suspicious circumstances in a respectable Brighton backwater may not be the drugs overdose it first appears and when human remains are discovered in a Sussex field, Grace and Branson are drawn into an investigation that will test their abilities and their friendship to breaking point.

Though each case initially appears to be an isolated incident, Grace’s instinct leads him to believe both deaths are the work of a twisted, sadistic serial killer who leaves a bizarre calling card at the scene of each crime.

However, with his professional stock still low and his credibility in question, Grace's hardest job might be convincing the ’Upstairs’ that there is a predator who is hunting victims along the South Coast.

Meanwhile, in Hove, a local businessman finds a pen drive left behind by a passenger on his evening commuter train home. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, in seeking to return the memory stick to its unknown owner, he opens Pandora’s Box, unleashing an evil that will reach out to imperil all he holds dear, as he, his wife and family become unwittingly connected to Grace’s investigation.

With Grace already having to contend with Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vosper urging him to leave his Brighton hometown to take up post in a neighbouring Constabulary, hardly a ringing endorsement of his professional standing, he and the team must race against time to put the pieces together and catch their killer before further innocent lives fall victim to the murderer’s bloodlust.

Grace returns Sunday 24th April at 8pm on ITV.


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