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Go Hard Or Go Home | Preview (BBC Three)

Welcome to paradise… and for eight Brits, the toughest 28 days of their lives.

Eight Brits feeling lost in life (the Trainees) and wanting a total mind and body reset, pair up with eight fitness pros (the Warriors) to compete in epic challenges, designed to push their minds and bodies to the absolute limit.

The Warriors have all used sport and fitness to overcome demons in their own lives, now they're ready to put their reputations on the line to prove they can do the same for their trainee too.

But this is the island of tough love, and to transform the trainees' minds and bodies, each Warrior must push their Trainee through a hardcore 28-day regime, competing alongside them in a series of spectacular challenges, against the other pairs.

Hosted by Jordan North and led by Paul Olima AKA Coach, our Warriors are:

  • Athlete and psychologist, Adele Nicoll

  • Former professional footballer and endurance athlete, Ashley Cain

  • Former international rugby player, Heather Fisher

  • MMA fighter, Leah McCourt

  • Muay Thai fighter and personal trainer, Nesrine Dally

  • Olympic, World and Commonwealth gymnast, Nile Wilson

  • Celebrity personal trainer, Tyrone Brennand

  • Lead fitness instructor for Equinox, Waz Ashayer

Which Warrior can get their Trainee to the bitter end? Which pair will be the strongest? And who will leave the island transformed? Go Hard or Go Home launches on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 19 February.


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