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Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star | Series 6 Preview (BBC Three)

Get ready to be dazzled as Glow Up returns, hosted by the fabulous Leomie Anderson.

Each week, eight of the most talented aspiring make-up artists will be judged on their creativity and ability to thrive under pressure, in intense Professional Assignments, from pop-star-led social campaigns to global gaming body painting. West End theatre looks to mastering gory TV special effects.

The stakes have never been higher in the world of make-up artistry as the MUAs compete to be crowned Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, and for a career changing prize - assisting some of the best MUAs in the world.

At Glow Up Studios, the talented artists will push the boundaries of their creativity and technical prowess, aiming to captivate the esteemed judges: the renowned Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. Those who fall short face off against each other in a nail-biting showdown, battling to avoid elimination.

Over the course of six intense weeks, the ultimate make-up artist (MUA) will emerge victorious, securing a contract to assist leading make-up artists worldwide and earning the coveted title of Britain’s Next Make-Up Star. Prepare for a gripping, high-stakes competition that promises to keep you riveted from beginning to end.

For their first assignment, the MUAs are going global, creating looks for the biggest pop star ever, Lady Gaga, to launch her make-up brand, Haus Labs, in Europe.

Under the watchful eye of Lady Gaga’s personal make-up artist and the brand's global artistry director, Sarah Tanno, the MUAs work on themselves to create a TikTok lip-synced to the voice of Lady Gaga herself. Hoping to show off the brand and well as their artistry, the MUAs must master the art of TikTok transitions and lip-syncing.

The next day at Glow Up Studios, the MUAs face their first ever Creative Brief, and the two who fail to deliver in the Professional Assignment land themselves in the dreaded red chairs that come with a 15-minute time penalty.

For this episode’s creative brief, the MUAs must reveal who they really are and what they are made of. Keen to impress and longing for the coveted Ding Dong, the MUAs produce some jaw-dropping creations, from a persistent and determined Venus fly trap and a bald cap featuring a brain prosthetic to a look that interprets navigating life as a gay man.

After the creative brief, the judges face the daunting task of selecting which two MUAs will enter the first face-off elimination. The stakes soar as MUAs are challenged to showcase their skills in a make-up drill to deliver the perfect winged eyeliner on a set of identical twins.

With time ticking and pressure mounting, the two MUAs risk it all to impress the judges and secure their spot in the competition. Only one can triumph, while the others bid farewell to their chance at victory. Who will emerge victorious in this intense battle of beauty?

Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star returns Wednesday 10th April on BBC Three.


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