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Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star | Series 5 Preview (BBC Three)

Get ready to witness the ultimate make-up showdown in the fifth series of Glow Up, welcoming brand-new host - supermodel Leomie Anderson.

It’s the MUAs' first assignment and they’re heading to a film studio in Greater London, the set of one of Netflix’s biggest dramas: Bridgerton. In the crowd tent, they meet hair and make-up designer Erika Ökvist, their first tough boss who they need to impress.

Working on supporting actors, the MUAs have to deliver flawless, flirtatious, mesmerising looks, but to catch Erika's eye, she wants them to take a risk within the make-up and surprise her... as long as it’s in keeping with the Bridgerton world. The MUAs are battling it out to win the chance of returning to the Bridgerton set to work on the series for a day.

The next day at Glow Up Studios, the MUAs anxiously wait to discover who under delivered, and will be penalised with 15 minutes less to complete their next look from the Creative Brief which, this week, is to create a look on themselves which reveals a secret untold.

Keen to impress and longing for the coveted Ding Dong, the MUAs produce some jaw-dropping creations, ranging from a scientific experimental colour changing make-up to an anxiety-driven look shown through polystyrene ball bumps under a bald cap.

Following the Creative Brief, the judges are tasked with making the difficult decision of choosing which MUAs will face the dreaded first Face Off elimination. The stakes are higher than ever as the MUAs are challenged to showcase their skills in a make-up skill drill on identical twins, testing their ability to produce a flawless and on-trend look.

This time, it’s the coveted chrome lip, a look that is not for the faint-hearted. With the clock ticking and the pressure on, the MUAs will put everything on the line to impress the judges and try to stay in the competition.

Only one MUA can emerge victorious, while the other must say goodbye and leave the competition for good. Who will triumph in this epic battle of beauty?

Glow Up returns Tuesday 2nd May on BBC Three.


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